If you are happy, tell us, if you are not, tell us.

We love our little restaurant and we want our guests (and staff) to love it too. We seek face to face feedback at the time and if something is not as it should be we want to know straight away. We can’t put anything right if you have walked away without telling us, we won’t be offended, it is so important for us to understand what isn’t quite right. cwtch* is our ‘baby’ and it is upsetting when we (very occasionally) hear things aren’t how they should be but we want everything to be as fantastic as we can make it, so please tell us at the time and we will listen.

We can’t try every plate of food that goes out, but we can do something for the next plate if we know. We liaise with kitchen throughout the evening so can make changes within an instant. We are a husband and wife team, not a corporate business, we make decisions that can be implemented immediately.