Building history

Some facts about our old building
cwtch*, the building, has an interesting history. It is the former home of Thomas and Ann Davies, who lived here after they were married in 1854. Thomas Davies was a Master Mariner and criss-crossed the dangerous oceans carrying cargos of sugar, molasses and tobacco from South America to Europe. Often accompanied by his devoted wife, they voyaged around Cape Horn together, to bring interesting tales and no doubt tastes of the southern Oceans back to St Davids. On his retirement, Thomas became secretary of the St Davids Lifeboat and his grand-daughter, Lillian Parry lived here and became school mistress of the local primary school.

Is it far-fetched to suggest that some essence of romance, salty air and sweet ingredients have permeated the walls of the building, culminating in our cwtch* restaurant of today? Maybe, but it’s an interesting thought, and one we are sticking to!